24 Jul

6 Secrets to Folding a Fitted Sheet

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Photos by Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom.

Fitted Sheet Folding Secrets

Fitted sheets are one of the most difficult items in our closet to fold. We can never seem to get them folded as neatly as the flat sheets! Luckily we found this great tutorial by Design Mom that shows you a fast and easy way to fold a fitted sheet, without having those corners sticking out or the sheet just looking like you wadded it up and threw it onto the shelf.

If you have ever wanted to throw out your fitted sheets because you simply could not get them folded, this is the tutorial for you. No more frustration because the sides won’t match up or dread of washing those sheets just because you cannot stand to fold them. Just follow the 6 easy steps and enjoy this little tip to make life a bit easier.

Some tips from Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom:

Secret#1: To get crisp corners, I turn two of the corners inside out so they fit neatly into the other side. Keep reading for how to do this.

Secret #2: I fold crib sheets in thirds, like a letter. You can begin with folding the top down or the bottom up, it doesn’t really matter. For larger sheets, I draw an imaginary line in the center of the sheet and fold both the bottom and top edges evenly towards the imaginary central line.

Secret #3: Again make sure to square off the corners for crisp edges and pointed corners!

For the rest of the secrets on folding a fitted sheet, clink on the link below!

6 Secrets to Folding a Fitted Sheet by Design Mom

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