About Us

Our Platform

Mirens is the new vision for retail that crowdsources designs from independent designers and connect them with great brands in the relevant market. Mirens is a design platform that gives designers a chance to share their designs with the public and gives customers a chance to voice what products they want to see in the market.

Through collecting designs and gathering customer feedback, Mirens captures consumer preference data for retail brands. Retailers get analytics and confidence that the designs they invest in will yield great returns.

How It Works

Mirens offers recurring campaigns that call for designs for a specific theme.  The designs can be sketches or prototypes created by professional or new furniture designers. Mirens then asks consumers to vote for their favourite design over a voting period. The designs with the most consumer votes are vetted through a panel of industry experts who may invest into making and selling these designs. Designers are rewarded with royalty via product sales.

At Mirens, we believe designers want to share their designs with the public while customers want to voice what they like. The design campaigns hosted on a design platform connect the two groups to bring great ideas together. Check out these Home crowdsourced products that won the Home design challenges.

Our Story

Founders Karen Lau and Mike Van founded Mirens in 2013. Mirens started the crowdsourcing approach with home furniture. As new homeowners and urban dwellers themselves, Karen and Mike believed everyone’s home deserves creative and practical designs that make their home a better place. Mirens is the first platform that co-creates furniture products with designers and customers. Upon the success from crowdsourcing furniture designs, Mirens has since evolved into a crowdsourcing platform for all retails industries.

Testimonials from Mirens Designers

Our Logo  Mirens logo like a chemical element in the periodic table

The logo is designed to resemble a chemical element ‘Mi’ in a periodic table.  Our belief is that Mirens brings a new element that is of great quality, value and your personal style into consumer products.


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