How It Works

1. Design it.

Furniture design ideas

Designers submit furniture designs.

  • It must fit into the theme of the challenge. See the design brief for corresponding challenge.
  • The drawings and pictures need to be clean, clear and legible for voters
  • Include the materials, colors, dimensions, inspirations and any other important features in the submission form
  • The approved designs are posted on the Mirens voting page on the next day.

2. Share it & get votes.

Vote for designs

Get over 100 votes from the community.

  • Share the design with everyone you know – your family, friends, colleagues, sports team, neighbours and others
  • Voting begins as soon as your design is posted on Mirens and ends 1 week after the post date
  • Each voter is limited to one vote per design.
  • All designs that got over 100 votes will judged at the next Expert Panel meeting

3. Expert Panel

Expert Panel after the submission period to judge Mirens designs.

  • Expert Panel is composed of professionals in the relevant industry, including product engineers, product designers, retailers and/or past winners with expert knowledge about the market.
  • Expert Panel meets in person or virtually to judge all designs that have exceeded 100 votes
  • Expert Panel discusses each approved design’s marketability, based on its aesthetic features, functional features, cost of production vs projected retail price

4. Licensing Contract

Industry experts may be licensed to produce and sell the designs.

  • Designs that get reviewed by the Expert Panel may result in a licensing contract
  • Designers whose designs are to be licensed will be notified individually

5. Earn Royalty.

For each product sold, the designer is rewarded with a 4-10% royalty.

  • What a great way to share your creativity and earn passive income!
  • Mirens is committed to develop a fair partnership with designers and retailers to bring great ideas to the market

Why design for Mirens?  Because you will get…

  • Exposure of your designs to industry experts
  • Validation on your designs by the customers
  • Constant feedback and ideas for enhancing your design to fit the market
  • Royalty rewards of 4-10% for every sale of your final product